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Massive Death 2024

Due to the unfolding tragedy of our times and respect to privacy, specific names, states, and cities mentioned in these accounts have been altered.

A Passage from Revelation 6 Verses 7 and 8 describe a significant event: the opening of the fourth seal by the Lamb of God, a passage reveals a pale horse whose rider is Death, with Hades following. They wield power over a quarter of the earth, bringing destruction through war, famine, plague, and wild beasts.

As we navigate through 2024, we're witnessing unprecedented levels of suffering and loss. This alarming situation, largely unreported in mainstream media, echoes the concerns we've raised previously, often dismissed as mere conspiracy theories. Yet, what we feared is unfolding before our eyes, aligning eerily with predictions like those in the Deagle report, indicating a grim trajectory towards 2025.

Recently, I learned from a source about hospitals in a particular city where emergency rooms are overwhelmed, filled with patients on gurneys awaiting medical attention. Tragically, many of these individuals are seeking not just medical care but a place to spend their final moments in peace. This alarming situation was echoed on JW TV by a nurse witnessing similar scenes in another city.

Seeking further confirmation, I reached out to medical professionals I know, sharing these observations and the report from JW TV. Their response was gravely concerning: "Yes, our largest hospitals are at full capacity. We've discussed this with colleagues in different states and cities, who report an influx of patients with severe respiratory issues not related to flu or COVID-19. Alarmingly, there's also a rise in young patients suffering from organ failure, aggressive cancers, cardiac issues, severe psychiatric disorders, and rare autoimmune conditions, this one source expressed. Moreover, many doctors are themselves battling advanced-stage cancers. We know of cases that defy typical demographic patterns, like a young doctor suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder, respiratory failure, and kidney issues post-COVID-19. Despite these observations, there's a reluctance to link these conditions to certain causes. This situation has driven us to seek solace and strength through fasting and prayer, this one source exclaimed."

In response to these dire circumstances, we at TEOTW Ministries urge our community to join us in fasting and prayer. We seek divine intervention, for if these days are not shortened, we fear for the survival of humanity. We also appeal to Gentiles who believe in Yahshua for salvation to repent and acknowledge the historical injustices toward the true Israelites, the Negroes. We propose reparations to support our return to the African continent, which could also bring salvation to your families.

The warnings have been clear, and the signs of judgment are upon us. May mercy be granted to us all in these challenging times.



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Shabbat Shalom Uncles! Will there be an announcement for the fast? I'm all in. Just please let me know. I love you both. 🫂🫂 May Yahuah protect us all.



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