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Hidden History and Flat Earth

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I'm still viewing the documentary, and boy oh boy!! I'm still processing the info. I'm trying to tie it to a biblical viewpoint. I wonder if the nephilim/fallen angels had something to do with the buildings, etc. I'll keep pondering and seeking the Most High on this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Hadassah 😁


I am 18 minutes into this video and the fact that the buildings predate the numbers of peoples living there tells me that the populations of people in these areas were slaughtered or the mud floods took them out and a new people (out of the Caucasus mountains) took over. So the people in these lands current day are likely not those that was there in Biblical times so it makes knowing what the names of these tribes even harder to determine. Gates of Huldah did a couple videos of those people descending from the "East" with red hair. You , Teotw posted the "Serpent Seed" video which is a second witness that those that went conquering all the nati…

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