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Dr Arikana uniting Africans in the Diaspora | Powerful Lecture

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off topic here but is it a coincidence that before the total eclipse we have a new movie coming out about the Antichrist


Ironically those two countries Ghana and DRC happens to the Biggest PUPPETS. The Biggest SELLOUTS RACOONS . Remember Ghana what he did snatching Burkina Faso. Out of jealousy. DRC the same, asking The West to do "something" about Rwandan. For what.

Last week a YT traveled from Tanzania to Zambia. He had to sleep ON The GROUND at the border because he was not allowed to enter the country. And just what Dr Arikana said The Serpent Seed was allowed. I was very enthousiast to go to Alkebullan but now I don't have that vibe anymore.

Another problem is that language issue. Some stiffneck countries refuses to take Kiswahili as a Alkebullan language.

It's getting clearer and clearer that only…

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