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World Government What Does It Mean?

World government ensures that the satanic cabal never faces opposition for their evil. World government ensures that this cabal will control the resources of every country that they have invaded within the past 400 years. If the black man intends to be free from Eurocentric rule,then he will have to resist this coming New World Order. Thanks to TMH, he will stall and interfere with their wicked agenda.

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Apr 06, 2022

This is why I pray for strength, wisdom and discernment. They could take away social security, medical insurance and prescription insurance. Sick old people will have no value in the new government. So I will need to have the strength from Yah to resist any interventions they may come up with. Brings to mind Matthew 10:28, Luke 9:24 as well as others.🙏🏽 Satan is so slick, he knows how to give you offers we must resist.

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