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Who Is The Created To Determine What The Creator Declares Is Legal?

The legal right established by Yah for Yahshua's claim as a descendant of David is a profound demonstration of divine sovereignty over human conventions and laws. In ancient Israel, legal and familial ties were not solely determined by biological lineage but also through legal recognition and adoption. Yoseph's acceptance of Mariam and her unborn child, following divine revelation (Matthew 1:18-25), effectively placed Yahshua within Yoseph's lineage, according to Israelite custom and law. This act granted Yahshua legal standing as Yoseph's son and heir, including the right to claim descent from David.


This scenario underscores a crucial theological principle: Yah's declarations and actions transcend human legal systems and societal norms. By orchestrating Yahshua's birth in this manner, Yah demonstrated His authority to fulfill His promises through means beyond human comprehension or standards. The lineage of Yahshua, as outlined in the Gospels, affirms His legal and prophetic right to be recognized as a descendant of David, a necessary credential for the Messiah in Israelite expectation.


The question, "Who is the created to determine what the Creator declares is legal?" highlights the fundamental belief in Yah's ultimate sovereignty. Human perspectives on legitimacy, lineage, and rights are limited and bound by the confines of human understanding and societal constructs. In contrast, Yah, as the Creator, holds absolute authority over creation and its laws, including the principles of lineage and inheritance. His decisions, declarations, and actions are inherently legal and binding, transcending human legal systems and conventions.

Yah's choice to bring Yahshua into the world through a virgin birth, conceived by the Holy Spirit, was a deliberate fulfillment of prophecy (e.g., Isaiah 7:14) and a demonstration of His power to enact His will in ways that defy human expectations. This divine intervention not only established Yahshua's legal right to David's throne but also affirmed His identity as the Messiah and Son of Yah, embodying the perfect union of divine and human nature.

In the broader biblical narrative, this theme of Yah's sovereignty and the fulfillment of His promises through unexpected means is recurrent. Yah often chose unlikely individuals and unconventional methods to accomplish His purposes, thereby revealing His power, wisdom, and authority over all creation. Yahshua's birth and legal recognition as a descendant of David through Yoseph's lineage is a testament to Yah's ability to fulfill His covenant promises, regardless of human limitations or understanding.

Therefore, the legal right and status of Yahshua as a descendant of David, established by Yah Himself, stand as a powerful affirmation of divine authority and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. It challenges human notions of legitimacy and lineage, inviting believers to trust in Yah's sovereign will and His overarching plan for redemption.

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E Bender
E Bender
Feb 06

Well put. Also Miryam (Mary) was also a descendant of David.

Replying to

I looked that information up about a year ago. I believe St. Mary's Catholic College and others have that information which was stolen from Jerusalem.

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