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Warnings To Africa! (WHO)

This is to bring your attention to an under reported issue involving the European Union financing a World Health Organization drive to vaccinate Africans against Covid. It seems this is being done aggressively without much of the public in Black Africa being aware. Given the problems with the jab, this is an issue that needs wider exposure so Africans - and others - are warned of what is occurring. The WHO has an article on its website about this drive of theirs.

COVID-19 vaccination is rising in many vulnerable African communities thanks to EU-funded, WHO-led project

This is a curious program by the WHO. We know that Sub Saharan African countries have some of the lowest Covid infection and death rates worldwide. So why does the WHO see the need to mass vaccinate the subcontinent?

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has a tracker to view Covid infection and death rates by country and also (for the US) by State. The statistics go through March 2023:

Click each country to see the infection and fatality rates throughout the pandemic. We can see that Sub Saharan Africa (even with low vaccination rates) is faring much better than the rest of the world. Here also is a link to the JHU Charts on Worldwide vaccination rates. Scroll down to the Summary of Vaccination Status. Here you can click the "% OF POPULATION RECEIVING AT LEAST 1 DOSE" row entry to sort by ascending or descending order.


JHU's infections/deaths tracker shows that the least vaccinated African countries are faring better than most Western nations. So why is the WHO forcing Africans in towns and villages to be vaxxed?

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