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WE ALL HAVE QUESTIONS. There’s an awakening occurring amongst Negroes threatening the foundation built so firmly and without question so intentionally acting as “The Authority” on what can be expected from and for Negroes trapped here for so long by our circumstances. As slaves in this country brought here against our will as punishment for our unfaithfulness to TMH God hundreds of years ago we suffer each day at the hands of those in league with the money changers and financiers that have what seemingly equates to a death grip on the wealth and holdings of Negroes they permit to breathe that rarefied air. But at what cost, except their very dignity, self-respect, and an enjoining of their understanding with our Oppressors which is the greatest offense they could offer simultaneously being held up for all of us as examples of what need be expected if you expect to make it as an acceptable successful Negro in America. It’s no wonder that The Revelation freshly revealed by Negroes such as Kyrie and Kanye that the response be so horribly out of touch with the perceived slight but there will be no end in sight for those of us who go against the status quo and challenge things as they’ve been for so long as now we understand how this lie has stuck in and filled the minds of those too engorged with maintaining the promise and profitability of the delusion they protect as it completes the cycle to continue their enrichment which has withstood any challenge for so many centuries. But at this moment we have in front of us the perilous journey across a Great Threshold as they violently attack and marginalize the impact of their requirements for a “Black Man” to remain in “their place" put there through hard work talent and reward offered by those so quick to use that as a weapon against any disagreement regarding how things are. We all have questions. Questions like, why they seemingly won’t allow a Negro mind to wander beyond those lines of societal confinement set in place by those who are supposedly building the road, but also ask how and where do they get the materials from which they build it? Who gave them their instruction to do so? Where does that authority originate? The answers are now coming out and in front of everyone in plain view and it’s an embarrassing revelation for those who have held long to a false sense of security in their position, and they’ll stand no challenge to what they’ve protected for so long. There will be confrontation and their hopes are that we are worn down by the experience and give up and into the pressures that they can mount upon the heads of us so talented in their rewarding. Now we look squarely and unblinkingly in the faces of those who for as long as we’ve been associated with them lied to us regarding our origins while simultaneously usurping the very throne they hold on to with every fiber of their being. Soon however, there should be a turning of the tides I can see a glimmer of hope with each passing day just above the horizon as more Truth expresses itself in the form of Our Folks taking a stand or challenging those so determined to stomp out any notion that Negroes are more than they’ve been told. Selah!

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