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The 2nd Exodus Part 2

The nation that had once been a global economic powerhouse found itself without wealth or influence as the African people returned to Africa after centuries of captivity. Known as Africans, but really the people of Yasharel , these people were renowned in the ancient past due to the deeds of their ancestors which were recorded in their religious texts.

However, Yasharel no longer wanted to be called Africans. They claimed that their true identity was Yasharel, and that their homeland was in the Ethiopian Highlands. Many of them began to relocate there. As the nations of the world followed the lead of Yasharel, Yahya and the others felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. They had come a long way from their days of slavery and oppression and were now able to reclaim their identity as the people of Yasharel.

Under Yahya and Chihimbori's guidance, Yasharel rebuilt their communities and revived their ancient religious practices in the Ethiopian Highlands. As they sought the favor of their god, Yahuah, they were blessed with prosperity and abundance. Their crops flourished, and they were able to have many children, something that had been previously denied to them by the Western nations. In addition, many who had been deaf, or blind regained their hearing and sight through the power of Yahuah.

As Yasharel reconstructed the ancient temple on the temple mount, people from around the world came to observe their progress and offer support. The Western nations, still stunned by the revelation that Yasharel were the true people of God, regretted their previous support of false claimants to Yasharel’s heritage.

However, the world was much more peaceful than it had been before the 2nd Exodus. The Western nations no longer invaded and conquered other nations, at least for a while.

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