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Red Heifer and International Religion


I hold the view that we are witnessing a global Hegelian dialectic aimed at leading humanity towards a unified world religion. This process, I believe, seeks to bridge diverse faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hebrew Israelitism, and other belief systems, into a single fold. The promotion of Native American Indians and Mexicans as Israelites by various Israelite camps supports this idea, suggesting a move away from exclusive religious claims in Messiah Yahshua to accommodate a more inclusive, global spirituality. The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, according to this perspective, will find resolution through a deceptive sign or miracle, prompting an unprecedented unity among people. This unity, reminiscent of the collaborative spirit showcased in "Return of the Jedi" where primitive Ewoks overthrow a technologically advanced empire, will oppose the technocratic dominance of the West, heralding a new era led by an anti-Christ figure. This figure will govern a perceived global utopia, excluding only those who steadfastly adhere to their original faiths, such as the remnant Israelites and Gentile believers in Yahshua. Similar to reactions during the pandemic, dissenters will face severe societal backlash, labeled as haters and extremists opposing global peace. Campaigns against them could escalate, leading to financial discrimination and potential internment. In this scenario, entities like the Israelis and Hamas are suggested to be collaborators in a larger plan to unify the world under this new order through the use of chaos.

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