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Pied Piper For The Antichrist

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Wow this man Mayer is a Khazarian. I wonder who they really are.


E Bender
E Bender
Jan 03

The watchers knew some of the secrets of heaven and brought it down to men.

The devil has his prophets too and knows about the future.

He knows the prophecies in the Bible and in the books of the apocrypha, when the sons of Yah met with Yah he attended the meetings, (as mentioned in Job), so he would have heard what was discussed.

A lot of things that happened and is going to happen he is behind it, so he can play 'god' and let his prophets prophecy.

I am not saying that this man is wilingly or knows that these extraterrestrial are demons and their plan is to deceive the world. He is also deceived and being used.


We see why if YAH doesn't shorten the days, even the elect would be deceived.

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