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NToro or Torah?

As I have stated often, we need to look at those African tribes that clearly have similarities to the biblical Israelites in transitions,language, and history. Rome had motive to build up their own false narrative; they wanted to control the teachings of the Israelites in order to continue to promote a mixture of their pagan ways mixed with the biblical account. Clearly, the bible is a book written to the Israelites for the Israelites if you keep the message from Genesis to Revelation in proper context. Gentiles actually gain access to Israel's covenant with TMH by becoming part of Israel's Kingdom. How does that occur? Through faith in their Messiah. Israel was always meant to lead and teach the nations which is why most nations of the world hate TRUE ISRAEL today. They hate the idea that the biblical narrative does not actually teach a Democratic government in Yah's kingdom but a Kingdom given to Israel to rule over. That's BIBLE! HEBREWISMS OF WEST AFRICA - Joseph Williamson p.90

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