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My Observation over the past year concerning Abu, Orthodox Moor and Berean

My Observation over the past year concerning Abu, Orthodox Moor and Berean. Abu is a non-Black who for some reason has become obsessed with the activity of those of us who call ourselves Israel. When Pastor Kelly mentioned his family history concerning the Pews, Abu took it upon himself to try and discredit the information. Every move by Abu has been to attack leaders in the community. Berean has moved like an Informant, who has used his platform to attack our community. Although he says that he is for truth, he has allowed people like Abu to use his platform like a weapon against our community. Once the pew issue died down, Abu moved his attention towards discrediting our Israelite claims concerning DNA. Although Abu is not a black man, he has followed our community like a predator lurking to devour. Now, for Orthodox Moor. Orthodox Moor has embedded himself into our community as he claims to be an Israelite. Orthodox has a high level of European in himself yet claims to be Israel. Orthodox Moor has aligned himself with Abu, a person working to cause confusion and disunity among our people. Orthodox Moor has doubled down on his support of Abu and has himself claimed to be an enemy of Pastor Kelly and of Benayah Israel although Pastor Kelly and Benayah have never mentioned his name. Orthodox Moor moves like an agent along with his co-conspirator Abu. Orthodox Moor, a Muslim, claims Israel but does not claim to follow the Messiah of the bible. He has his own version of our Messiah that blends with the Koran and the Bible. This background formation of evil Voltron actually appears to have an organized hand guiding it. It appears that these guys have been embedded into our community and have been using their snitch Berean to give them a voice.

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