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Loki Finale Insights - SPOILERS

As we know, Loki is representative of the devil. In Hollywood, they always try to make the devil have some level of humanity. When the two Loki's, representative of the Baphomet, because he is both male and female, we see the devil trying to be seen as a good guy, though he is a liar. Loki states this several times in the show. Loki tries to show humanity and convince the universe that he is trying to save it, or save the universe. However, Loki is always seeking to kill, steal and destroy. In episode 6 the two Loki's make it to the end of the timeline where they find a castle. This castle is ruled by a woolly haired black man. We all know who this woolly haired black man is suppose to represent. The Loki's were given a choice to rule, or have freedom aka free will. This free will creates a paradox, whereby the multiverse is created again with multiple black rulers called "He Who Remains" (HWR). When they kill HWR in the stable universal timeline, the universe splits again. At the end, Loki states, we have to prepare for who is coming. Note that the TVA is ruled by black people. The head is the black woolly haired man called HWR. The manager of TVA is a black woman, and the lower tier enforcer is the black sergeant. All of the white people who work for the TVA work for these people. This represents the coming rulership of the true Israelites. The Loki's, representative of the Luciferic order run by the white rulers refuse to be under any laws. They want to do whatever their hearts desire. The multiversesal war represents God's war against humanity that reject the Messiah Yahushua, who was born on earth as a black man with woolly hair. The multiverse war is that of the black man, representative of God, against the white rulers of earth. HWR will defeat the rebellious Loki's, as God will defeat the devil and white rulers of earth and God will make His enemies His footstool. In order to have a stable timeline, HWR must win again and set the chaotic universe back into order.. Every time they tried to kill HWR they failed, because HWR knows everything before it happens, because everything is always written down already. This represents the book of life, where everything done in the flesh is recorded, and mankind will be judged by those things written in the book. The Loki's that represent humanity that reject God, and Satan which means the adversary, are continuously rebelling like Esau. God said, I will tear down, and Esau says, "I will rebuild". They do not want the black woolly haired God to rule. Finally, the TVA also represents the angels, both the good angels who obeyed God, and the angels that rebelled against God. In the end, we know that the Loki's will lose, although they are very good at deception.

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