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Hebrew: AKAN languages

VIDEO #1 : My Research Has Lined Up With GyeNyame Ministries so far. The closest evidence to Yah's full name and to our original language seems to line up with the AKAN languages. I think that people say YAH-HOW-WAH in error due to trying to apply English phonetics. The people of Africa do not sound like Native Americans which is what YAH-HOW-WAH sounds like. I believe that Phonetically it is YOW-WAH. Not YAH-HOW-WAH If you are not studying this brother's research then you are missing out. He has more receipts on the language than anyone out there so far in my opinion. Research his sources. AKAN has more evidence than any other Africa language in my opinion. We have to start with the African languages and not with European translations. We must also look at their traditions such as having YAH in their name traditionally.

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TayU Yaho
TayU Yaho
Oct 15, 2022

AKAN and EWE names for Thursday or DAY OF YAH

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