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He sits on Solomon's throne


“We would welcome them back to Ethiopia, their Fatherland . . . . There is plenty of room for them here and we are certain they would be of the greatest aid in restoring their ancient land to its pristine glory.”

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What an amazing read, I believe his time came to an end though because people uplifted him as if he was God, his title alone says it (The Lord of Lord, King of King). He most definitely wanted best for Africans born in America but the White man did not like that idea, however , it is written no man will buy us so not even he could do so, but it should have and even today opened up the eyes of Africans in America to go back to their father land that even the word says, you’ll go back.

In Igboland in Nigeria when a baby is born, some parents or grandparents give the babies this special drink…


Harold Levi
Harold Levi
Mar 24, 2023

Blessings be upon your ministry and family my brother!

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