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Dr. Vanden Bossche’s warning is worth your time if you want to be up on what is ahead

Dr. Vanden Bossche’s 6 Tsunami Warnings:

1. If you’re C-19 vaccinated: Make sure you’ve access to antiviral therapeutics and that you’ve established a contact with an MD you can trust.

2. If you’re not C-19 vaccinated: You should under no condition get the seasonal Flu shot. It will dramatically increase the risk of having Antibody Dependant Enhancemant (ADE) (as in a cytokine storm) in the event you get exposed to avian flu.

3. Under no condition should you get a non-replicating Smallpox vaccine. [1] Since surface proteins of smallpox are different from those decorating monkeypox, and as the non-replicating vaccine primarily induces antibodies, you could expose yourself to a real risk of ADE. (In this scenario, the antibodies that the vaccine generated actually help the virus infect greater numbers of cells than it would have on its own.)

4. However, C-19 unvaccinated people don’t need a smallpox jab at all regardless of whether they got the smallpox vaccine in the past. Training of our innate immune system against Coronavirus during the C-19 pandemic will, not only provide strong innate immune protection against influenza virus and POXviruses, but also against other glycosylated viruses causing acute, self-limiting infection (e.g., RSV, other common cold CoV). I can explain this, but that would take somewhat longer. Upon exposure to Smallpox or Avian Flu, a C-19 UNvaccinated person who is in good health and experienced mild or moderate C-19 symptoms as a result of previous natural infection (‘thanks’ to the C-19 pandemic) may still get some mild illness but that’s it! This will just induce additional antibodies to fully protect you next time around… There is even a high likelihood that there won’t be a ‘vaccine take’ when you become vaccinated with live attenuated smallpox as your trained NK cells may kick out the vaccinal virus right away.

5. Live attenuated smallpox vaccine will NOT work in C-19 vaccinees because host cells that are infected with vaccinal virus will be readily recognized and killed by cytotoxic CD8 T cells that are continuously activated due to the enhanced susceptibility of vaccinees to re-infection.

6. C-19 vaccination of children must STOP immediately. Not only will the C-19 vaccines fully prevent innate antibodies from neutralizing the virus, but they will also irreversibly prevent the innate antibodies from educating the cell-based innate immune system (e.g., NK cells). Instead, the vaccinal antibodies will enhance viral infectiousness and enable the virus to blow straight through the innate immune defense, thereby causing severe C-19 disease. It will also prevent the child from educating its innate immune system (a corner stone of natural immunity!) to recognize several other pathogens while discriminating those from self-antigens. This could lead to severe disease… as well as to severe immune pathology! It will also no longer be possible to vaccinate children with live attenuated CHILDHOOD vaccines once they’ve gotten the Covid-19 shot for these vaccines could now cause severe disease. So, the C-19 vaccine could be a death sentence for a young child!

Don't vaccinate your children with covid-vaccines! Ever! Voice For Science and Solidarity

by Geert Vanden Bossche

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Jul 18, 2022

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