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Does The Train Crashes Denote The 2nd Exodus?

There was more than one train crash that occurred recently. One that everyone has heard about, and that is the one in Ohio. The other one that occurred that has not received much attention is the one is Houston TX. Both accidents occurred in rural areas. The Ohio accident occurred first, and the one in Houston days later. The odds of two train accidents happening days apart, being a coincidence is highly unlikely. I would surmise that this was planned. If planned, what is the purpose? The purpose would more than likely be to force relocation of populations. To highlight the suspiciousness of these two train accidents is the fact that Netflix has a movie illustrating these two events called White Noise. If the idea is to enforce the relocation of the masses of people to new areas of the country, then maybe this will force the relocation of the true Israelites back to Africa. If the waters are contaminated, and the food supplies are contaminated, then other means of supporting the American people will need to be looked at. Other states are looking at diverting water from the Ohio river and using other rivers to supply their water. Warnings have gone out that Virginia and New York could be in trouble as well. If areas of the country become dangerous to live in, other states will have to make way for the migrating masses. Pressure may build to send African Americans back to Africa, because the leaders of the United States will tell us that they can no longer support the masses of people, and there must be a global effort to relocate the populace. This may be a way for the 2nd Exodus to occur. Marshall law could be imposed to handle the relocation efforts around the nation. Oppressive measure may be taken, because many people will not want to leave their homes. Jeremiah 50 states, "Because of the sword of the oppressor

let everyone return to their own people,

let everyone flee to their own land." Things do not always happen the way we envision them. Below are a few articles and videos about these incidences. 1) - Houston

2) - White Noise 3) - Ohio

4) - JW TV

All of this is just speculation on my part, and I am not setting any dates.

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