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Ashanda At Large

The wording of this tweet by the @American Jewish Committee is deeply troubling. This tweet appears to be an open threat to the Israelites of African origin for simply sharing their First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech and Expression, protected under the Constitution of The United States of America. This Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic wording can easily stir hatred towards a specific ethnic group claiming their Hebrew Heritage and categorically fits under the definition of discrimination which can lead to Anti-Black violence, workplace discrimination, bullying, defamation, mental/psychological anguish, etc. We are fully aware of the historical hatred from members of the European Jewish community against the African Israelites dating back to The Transatlantic Slave Trade so we do not take lightly the open threats issued by the AJC to, "not allow the spread of and acceptance" of our Israelite origin. The American Jewish Committee must present an official apology and prepare to undergo education and sensitivity training for Israelite Heritage of Black Americans as well as other Afro-Asiatic Shemitic peoples throughout the Americas, the UK, Caribbean and Continent. If the American Jewish Committee fails to meet the demands of the African Israelites, a petition for their Organization to be labeled an Anti-Black Hate Group will be made. It is time to put an end to the open threats of Organizations and Businesses who discriminate against the African Israelite people.

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