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America and Russia battles in the forests of Lugansk

American and Russian fighting continued in the forests of Lugansk in the Zolote-Gorskye region as well as in Severodonetsk.

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Warrior Of YAH
Warrior Of YAH
29 giu 2022

So... Our brother's Yakoba and Tay U's intelligence gathering is correct. But the demonic Evil president of Babylon U.S keeps telling us all that " These are not the droids you're looking for.🤣 " ( I love that quote from the two Hebrew boys!) Make no mistake,this is a Hot War no matter how you look at it, even if the controllers don't admit it. While Biden is falling off a bike, Putin who is a master tactician of "COIN" For those who don't know, which is called "Counter Insurgency" is strategically setting up NATO for failure. Why lie to the peoples across the 4 corners of earth, when social media is putting the information out there for all to…

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