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Africa Has Always Been The Battleground

Why WW3 will be due to a fight for Africa. All world events have always been about Africa and it's resources. The elite know the biblical prophecies of Israel's future world rulership. This is the beginning of the changing of the guard. Yah will show himself mighty! When Yah wins the battle for Africa, then the world will acknowledge our God, the God of True Israel, as the one true God!

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And yet people are still looking towards the land “Israel” as the place for battle when the world is not seeking war with that land, yet with the people in the land from the river in Egypt til the Great River Euphrates. there is no scramble for the land Israel, no lots have been casted for that land.

They seriously forgot that the Word says “they cast lots for my land to divide it and change it” (paraphrased) meaning the land as it was when our ancestors settled will be much smaller because of all the divisions and other names will be given, you wouldn’t see the original landscape and names on these world maps, they are only on…


Daniel 11 is happening in Africa right now. A lot of Africans will die in these wars, many will not be Israelites. The purging of the dragons is starting in Africa. Yah has prevented me from leaving to Africa and now I see why, my family will leave after the purging occurs.

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Can you explain how Daniel 11 is taking place right now in Africa? I am not versed in african affairs so its not making sense to me. Who is the king of the south? I am really intrigued to learn and decipher the scriptures accurately.

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