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Warning From An Israelite Sister!

Just wanted to share something with you.

I went to urgent care with my 15 year old daughter this lady says your shaking because you have a temperature I was not hot but that's what the nurse says. then this so-called daughter as weak as I was hop on the table behind me says why didn't you get the covid shot you got covid. I don't know what she says here is the results. I was so weak but now I think of it this is very strange as doctors do not normally hop on beds with you at urgent care or ER whispering in your ears. I am so lucky my daughter was in the room as I am not sure what would have happened with this thing. Anyhow the so-called doctor gave me about 4 medications we left. After 2 weeks of taking these meds, my health got worst deteriorated badly. My family in Florida each made arrangements to tell their job they got to hop on a plane for the sake of my kids and my health as it seems I am medically coma after these medications she gave me and i almost could not feel my spirit anymore is how I can explain it is like my flesh was here hearing but I was almost gone how bad it got. I stopped taking these meds the doctor prescribed and prayed with the little strength I had. My sister mom and even my little nephew they not in truth but they got on the phone and prayed as well .

I am telling you I and here revived and back up and walking. I am out of the medically induced coma. I am back and am very grateful to Father Yah for that. I have cried every day also while I was in that state for the two weeks it was something not of this world. my family definitely thought I was going to die they say Latoya does not cry ever, this is a strong woman that takes care of 4 kids and a home with only the Lord. what did they do to her or put on her on acting like she is weak as if a spirit of defeat came over her. This is superwoman, how is this normal what is going on. That medication also had the room spinning seeing things I could not even walk and my heart and chest area still hurt even up to yesterday.

I am not sure what they doing but I think all this stuff with healthy brothers and sisters going to urgent ER and get gravely ill and dying is not normal. Also, these people strung out on these pills they claim for pneumonia and Covid are hallucinated shaking and stuttering because these prescription meds that can also put you in cardiac arrest, give heart attack, and kill you instantly or in a coma even worst.

The Most High has blessed me through this ordeal so I just wanted to share my testimony with you and to warn our people they are trying to kill Yah's people medically.

As I woke up yesterday I read that 4 healthy brothers and sister passed after gravely ill similar situations to mine and it all just clicked what they doing.

All praises and honor to the most high for covering me and pulling me through. I am a walking testimony of him being a redeemer and how he just come and got me when so many were taken. I am beyond grateful and thankful I can never repay him.

Anyhow just wanted to share. if you having bible study or anything private between the family please let me know how to tune in and your contacts too.

blessings again to you & the family,

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