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The Lost Tribes of Israel: Who are their descendants today?

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BTW the serpent seed with that man child, is he not an Ethiopian child. Just asking.

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I am happy finding his channel again. times run so fast. I was one of his first subcribers .I lost his channel when my laptop was crashed. APTTHM. Blessing 😂

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Just in the 19th century we were called Ibo. The name Ivri which is actually Ivrit is all over Nigeria being used now in such ways as: streets, stores and hotels but manly in all Igbo land. Ivri is also from the Urhobo people that are in the same boat as Igbo, just they are in Southern Nigeria and are priestly hood Levi’s and they have been there way before the Portuguese ever came, they were there very long, due to so many new findings, I believe they were some of the Israelites that were dispersed from the real Jerusalem.

I also been paying attention to the names of streets and cities, states and villages we have her in…

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Ivrit is the original named used the Levi priest in Nigeria that I know. Just as the Word says Levi portion is from Him so that the Levites would have no land, well that how they are in Igbo land today, they are in every community as of today, the priest hood. While names in Igbo land and all through Nigeria has the name of God or have the name of a son of the 12 tribes or a name with a meaning during the birth of that child. That’s how they are separated in Nigeria today.

The video I mentioned explains things I didn’t even know such as how the Bible says Judah and Benjamin would live close to…

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