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The Heresy Of The Northern Tribe Being Gentiles!

So, family we at TEOTW Ministries are all about truth of the scriptures. We only share what the scriptures literally say. We had a debate about two weeks ago where we discussed who are the gentiles. Our opponents gave us this made up narrative that the Gentiles are the northern tribe simply because the Northern tribes were scattered and lost their heritage. So, this scattering somehow makes the generic word Gentiles the Northern tribes simply because the Northern Tribe was scattered and made not a people. We know that the word Gentiles means nations in general. So the task in the debate was to prove that the word Gentiles can mean something other than nations or heathens. We used nothing but scripture to prove to them that their assertion was faulty and in error. They provided no connection between the northern tribe and the word Gentiles during this debate. They built an entire narrative based on a faulty assertion that Israel being not a people some how translates to the idea that the Gentiles are the northern tribes. They provided no proper exegesis of scripture. The burden of proof is on them to use scripture only to prove that it is proper to make the claim that the gentile is anything other than the non-Israelite nations. This is where they failed. What is the harm that they are doing to our community by teaching this heresy? They are telling our people to hate the Gentiles. They are telling our people to put all gentiles into hell. They are telling the gentile nations that Yah does not love them and that their only hope is hell. This is a violent spirit in the Israelite community that had to be dealt with because it misrepresents the long suffering unending mercy and grace of Yah. It rejects the gift of our Messiah's sacrifice for all mankind. This is a move of Satan that must be exposed.

Some of these opponents are married to gentiles and claiming that gentiles cannot be saved. So they are putting their own spouses into hell unless their idea of gentiles is whites only which would be another error. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

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