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The Faulty 430 Years Captivity Argument

There is a common misconception regarding Ezekiel Chapter 4 that needs to be clarified. This chapter describes how Israel (the Northern tribe) was given a 390-year punishment, while Judah (the Southern tribe) was given only 40 years. Together, this makes the false assertion that Israel suffered a 430 year punishment for both tribes worldwide. Some use this combining of two separate judgments to create a false comparison that ties in with Exodus 12:40. However, it is important to note that Judah was not sentenced to 430 or even 390 years of punishment, as they were only given 40 years in verse 6. Therefore, the argument that this ties back to Exodus 12:40 is not supported by scripture, as neither tribe was given 430 years of punishment. Furthermore, it is important to understand that Exodus 12:40 in the Septuagint mentions 430 years of sojourning in both the land of Canaan and Egypt, not 430 years of servitude or captivity for both tribes. Moreover, to sojourn simply means to reside in a place temporarily. The actual prophecy of a 400-year captivity can be found in Genesis 15, which mentions a 400-year period of servitude and affliction for Israel. It is also worth noting that Israel had already lived (sojourned) in Canaan for years before taking the holy land for themselves, spending 215 years in Canaan and 215 years in Egypt in captivity. Therefore, it can be proven that Israel only served Egypt as slaves for 215 years. Lastly, it is crucial to understand that the chapter in question begins by discussing the siege of Jerusalem. Therefore, it cannot be referring to the current worldwide scattered people of Israel. The chapter establishes the timeframe by describing the seizing of Jerusalem. For further understanding, it is recommended that readers should read Ezekiel chapter 4 for themselves in a different version, such as the GNB or CEV. These versions provide greater clarity and understanding of the chapter's context and message. YOU WILL BE TOTALLY SURPRISED AT WHAT THIS CHAPTER IS ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT ONCE YOU READ THESE OTHER BIBLE VERSIONS.


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