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Key talking points from my teaching on Fleeing!

1) The Bible Teaches that we should flee Babylon so that we will not partake of her plagues. 2) Isaiah 11 tells us that the gathering does not happen until after the destruction of Babylon. 3) After the destruction of Babylon, those who survive will be gathered back to the land. 4) When we flee, we may not necessarily go immediately to the African continent, because we will be refugees. 5) We should be prepared to flee, even if we are not physically able to do so now. 6) False Prophets will tell you to stay, and thus suffer the plagues. 7) Do what Father Yah has called you to do. 8: We should be physically and mentally prepared to flee, and if you get the calling from TMH to flee, then do so. I am not telling you to do nothing but to be ready!

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